PhD Supervisor Toolbox


Organized by the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Graduate School  

What is an effective supervisor? What are the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and doctoral students? How does one define a good supervisor-PhD student relationship? How do supervisors discuss sensitive issues such as procrastination with their advisees?

During fall term 2020 the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Graduate School will again offer courses which help supervisors from all disciplines answer these questions (and thereby help their PhD students complete their studies).

Ásta Bryndís Schram, Assistant Professor of Curricular Instruction and Educational Psychology at the School of Health Sciences and Educational Advisor at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, will teach the courses and invite experienced doctoral supervisors to describe their own techniques for working with PhD students.

All academic staff, whether newly minted PhDs or deeply experienced advisors with many PhD graduates behind them, are welcome to participate and share their experience of one of the most important and profound teacher-student relationships that exists in the university.

Participants will need to take a short online course before attending the workshops, which will include both short presentations and group work.

The courses will be taught in both Icelandic and English and coffee will be provided.  Participants will receive a certificate of attendance if so desired.

PhD Supervisor Course 1: Regulations and Standards for Doctoral Education (online course)

Opens Oct.15, 2020. A link will be sent to registered participants.

Information and Registration

PhD Supervisor Course 2: Roles and Interactions of Supervisors and Doctoral Students

Instructor: Ásta Bryndís Schram (School of Health Sciences and Centre for Teaching and Learning)

Prerequisite: Course 1.

Date: Nov.10, 2020 (Icelandic), Nov. 12.00 (English),

kl. 13.00-16:00

Room: Setberg 305

Information and Registration (Icelandic version)

Information and Registration (English version)

PhD Supervisor Course 3: Procrastination and Other Challenges in the Doctoral Supervisor-Student Relationship

Instructor: Ásta Bryndís Schram (School of Health Sciences and Centre for Teaching and Learning)

Spring Semester 2021.
Hour of the day kl. 13:00-16:00
The exact date and location will be announced in January.

Detailed information on the course and registration available in January.