Rubric for group work

ProcessAll group members participate enthusiastically; group members reflect awareness of others´views and ideas; each group member assigned a welldefined role; group members perform roles effectivelyAll group members participate on some lovel; group members show some adeptness at interaction; group members´roles not always clearly defined nor consistently performedAbout half of group participates; group members show some ability to interact; group members given roles but roles not consistently performedOne or two group members actively participate; little interaction; no effort made to assign or perform roles 
OrganizationLogical format that is easy to follow; smooth transition from one idea tio another; organization enhances effectiveness of projectPresented in a thoughtful manner; signs of organization and most transitions easy to followSomewhat organized; ideas not presented logically; transitions not always smoothLittle signs of organization; farmat difficult to follow; awkward transitions; lack of organiqation lessens effectiveness of project
ResearchConducts thorough research using a wide veriety of sourcesGathers information from several different sourcesGathers information from only two or three sourcesDoes little or no research
ContentAll information is accurateInformation mostly accurate; a few inconsistencies and inaccuraciesInformation somewhat accurate; several inconsistencies and factual errorsInformation completely inaccurate
CreativityOriginal presentation; unique approach that enhances the projectThoughtful presentationPresentation includes a few original ideasPresentation predictable; little creativity used