Expired9. Febr. Designing Effective Group Assignments: The Key to Eliminating “Freeriders”

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  • 09/02/2017
    09:00 - 12:00
 Stund: 9. febrúar, kl. 9-12
Staður: Háskólatorg, HT-300
Kennari: Larry K. Michaelsen, Ph.D in Organizational Psychology

Flestir kannast við svokallaða ,,free-riders” í hópavinnu. Lausinin á vandamálinu er að leggja verkefni fyrir nemendur sem hvetja þá til samstarfs fremur en að hver og einn vinni ólíka hluta verkefnisins. Á vinnustofu um hópavinnu kennir Larry Michaelsen okkur að útbúa slík verkefni. Vinnustofan er 3 klst. og fer fram á ensku. Vinnustofan er í boði fimmtudaginn 9. febrúar kl. 9-12 eða miðvikudaginn 15. febrúar kl. 13-16 – ath. sér skráning.


Stund: February 9th, 9:00-12:00
Staður: Háskólatorg, HT-300
Kennari: Larry K. Michaelsen, Ph.D in Organizational Psychology

The most common student complaint (and the biggest headaches for faculty) is having to deal with free riders. Contrary to common belief, however, the root cause of freeriding is generally NOT lazy students. In most cases, the real problem is the assignment they have been asked to complete. Further, the only way cure the problem is using group assignments that motivate students to work together rather than dividing up the work.

In this session, you will engage in a series of activities that demonstrate:

  1. Why most problems with learning groups are caused by poorly designed assignments
  2. How to design group assignments that:
    • Eliminate students’ motivation to divide up the work.
    • Are effective for developing students’ application and critical-thinking skills
    • Will reliably promote positive student attitudes about group work
    • Can be graded easily and fairly
    • Work well with students at any level and in classes of any size.